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EYEWEB Prescription

Understanding your EYEWEB Prescription

when you go to visit your eye care doctor who is referred to as an optometrist or ophthalmologist so he/she may check you vision and provide you with a Prescription for Eyeglasses. This specific Prescription tailored to your specific vision needs will show if you are near or farsighted, if you have an astigmatism or presbyopia. This specific Prescription Eyewear Frames for you will also contain various abbreviations and numbers that may not be easy to understand for the avg. person. However, there is no need to worry as I will provide you with the information right now. The most important things to know are OD and OS in your Eye glasses Prescription which basically make Oculus Dexter, Latin term for the right eye, And Oculus Sinister which is Latin for the left eye.
There is also a chance you will find the term OU which is also referred to as Oculus Uterus which means both eyes. Eyewear Frames:
Also usually the first term you can find on your Prescription Glasses Frames, Distance refers to lens power required to see objects in the distance as clear as possible and will be determined when you are asked to try various type of lens when reading an eye chart.

There are of course other terms to understand like SPH or Sphere which specifies to the amount of lens power related to the correction of nearsightedness or farsightedness you may be experiencing. If your specific Prescription has a number with a negative sign then you are nearsighted and if it has a positive sign or neither of these 2 signs then you must be farsighted. Another term CYL or Cylinder shows the eye doctor the amount of lenses power required for the case of astigmatism. This term number may also have a positive or negative sign but if there is no number then you have no astigmatism or it's just far too low to have a decent effect on your vision. Then there is Axis which will indicate it his lens meridian which will contain no CYL power for correcting these astigmatism and it is described through a number from 1 to 180. Prescriptions that have CYL power on them will usually also include an axis value on them as well. Prism describes the amount of prismatic power which is also prescribed for eye alignment should as problem with this aspect occur. Most Eyeglasses Prescription will not contain this specific term. Then finally there is Add which is the added power magnified in the lower aspect of the multifocal lens and is used for correcting presbyopia. Safety Glasses: This is always a positive number usually ranging from 0.75 to 3.00 and will be the same for both of your eyes.

Please be sure to remember and properly understand your eyeglasses prescription as it will help you understand you’re specific needs as well as make sure you do not make any mistakes when ordering Online Eyeglasses. Often the online store such as eyeweb has a chat and email services to get in touch with us for helpful advice and suggestions for choosing the right frame, lens and additional coatings.

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