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Geek Safety Glasses
3M 650


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650 Safety Eyewear Frame

This nice-looking ANSI Safety Glasses is the ideal protection you need. The high grade Plastic Frame is very protective and easy to wear and comes in two attractive colors. The nice-looking eyewear can go very well with any attire. 3M 650 is an epitome of security but you look cool wearing it.

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What Is the Difference Between Regular Rx Glasses and Prescription Safety Glasses?

In the United States of America, exists a government agency known as OSHA responsible to make and enforce workplace safety rules and protocols. At any workplace where chances of eye injury are high, OSHA requires wearing Safety Eyewear Frames.

The basic difference between a regular frame and a ‘safety’ rated frame is, it is emphasized on protection rather than style. Hence, the frame is sturdier but due to modern technology, the frames available today aren’t hideous.

The protective protocols emphasize that a safety frame must not bend or break easily under a certain amount of pressure. It must also be able to withstand a certain amount of impact from a flying object or projectile. The frame must also be able to repel most chemical splashes to keep the eyes out of harm’s way.

Branded or Unbranded?

Considering the nature and purpose of protective glasses, it is unwise to use untrusted brands or non-branded glasses for safety. In the line of duty, things can get out of control quickly and you might need all the luck of a lifetime. If you’ve gone cheap only to save a meager few dollars, you might end up losing something priceless i.e. your eyes. Branded Safety Eyeglasses are always recommended because of their surety to follow the safety rules and regulations that are defined and implemented by the well-known and trustworthy authorities. These frames can withstand a lot of pressure and can keep your vision clear too. 


Full Rim Geek Safety Glasses A2000 by 3M

We totally recommend buying the A2000 frame manufactured by the notable brand 3M. The authentic frame on EYEWEB is available at an affordable price of only $19.00. It is made of top quality materials and 3M Safety Glasses are in complete compliance with all the safety standards of ANSI Z87.1-2003 or ANSI Z87.1-2010, depending on the model.

Just like one person cannot perform all tasks, similarly, the different frames have their own specialties. Some frames are designed to protect in the most rugged environment such as construction sites. Some frames are designed for moderate protection so they have a more stylish design. You can choose a frame according to your requirement.

What other frames can I choose from?

The famous brand 3M has a vast line of eyewear safety frames. You can choose from a lot of options. Below are some frames that you must look at if you are interested to buy something trustworthy and durable.

The 3M A2500 is a full rim unisex frame with side shields already pre-built with the design. It has a sporty look and it can be used by professionals and athletes alike. The choice depends upon your needs and if you are comfortable with wearing a certain shape. If you require vision correction, then you need to order it with your RX lenses. This particular frame cannot allow you to wear your regular prescription glasses as in the case of some bulky protective frames. This frame is widely used by cyclists too because the design suits their need at high speeds on the bicycle.

The 3M CLASSIC 1 is a full rim rectangle shaped frame made from stainless steel. It looks perfectly like a designer frame but is in fact made for protection. But this frame can serve more than just protection because of its beautiful sleek design. If you already have glasses that can provide care to your eyes in high-risk areas but you are looking to buy something comfortable and presentable to wear inside, then you can consider it without hesitation. To add protection, you can always equip with the side shields that are optional but can fit perfectly, the choice is between permanent and removable.

Do not forget to have a look at the 3M CLASSIC 3 safety glasses that are made of the best quality of plastic money can buy. The reason for using TR 90 here is due to its durability and its ability to withstand harsh conditions. Plastic is relatively stronger when it comes to sustaining a hard hit such as in the case of flying bits of concrete or projectiles in a construction zone. We have a choice of two colors namely black and tortoise colors. Remember, it is made for protection so you can easily rely on it to keep your eyes safe from all harms.

The 3M CX7000 is a modified oval-shaped full rim frame that is available in silver color only. Heart shaped and box-shaped faces look really good wearing such frames so we recommend you to try it. It is designed for extra covering around the eyes and it can hold bigger lenses too. So, if you are farsighted, it is perfect because it can allow you to see a larger area clearly. You can enhance the protection it provides by upgrading it with a brow guard, breeze catcher and perforated full cup. Adding it up with the frame can make it really strong and protect from all harms.

The 3M D490 rectangular frame is also a TR 90 build. It falls in the small frames category which makes it a beautiful pair of spectacles that suits every face type. For the nearsighted people, it is a great frame because it can hold the lenses without obscuring your vision. The strong plastic in it can withstand great impacts. If you think you can drop it a few times during work, then this shatterproof frame will not disappoint you. It is available in two colors so you have a choice to pick the one that suits your style and requirements.

You can also have a look at our Designer Glasses Frames Online collection. Your work may require tough frames that aren’t too beautiful, but your personal life needs to be colorful. We have some of the most beautiful designs in our inventory that are sure to add flair to your style. You don’t look like a nerd wearing cool designer frames, in fact, they can enhance your appearance. Choose a colorful design that compliments your dress, it can help you be more confident because you’ll look cool.

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