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Plastic Safety Glasses
3M A2000


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  • 54
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  • 150
  • 23.2
  • 58
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  • 114
  • 34.2
  • 152
  • 24.6
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3M A2000 Features:

• Side Shield: Integrated
• Standards: ANSI Z87.1-2010

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The 3M ZT100 Frame Can Help You Stay Protected Against Radiation

As more people come to a realization about the harms to the eye caused by sunlight, the demand for UV protective lenses has ballooned. As it has become a common practice to protect the skin from UV rays, some people still do not realize the vision needs protection equally.


The 3M ZT100 frame can serve the purpose completely. As your eyes absorb the sunlight, some harmful rays are absorbed with it. These rays have adverse effects on the cornea and retina and little by little, the vision is affected. UV blocking glasses can help you stay safe from some serious eye damage. The health risks by UV light include macular degeneration and cataracts.


Talking about the UV rays, there are three kinds of rays. They are classified as UVA, UV – B and UV – C. You probably haven’t heard about the three types and even if you have, you probably would not have heard about the last type UV – C.


It is due to the fact; our ozone layer absorbs it completely keeping us safe from its harms. But the two other types of rays escape its net and reach all the way down to the earth’s surface and eventually fall into our eyes. Thus, we need to protect our eyes with the 3M Safety Glasses in order to avoid the negative effects.


3M ZT100 Prescription Safety Glasses

Most of us already require Prescription Safety Glasses because of vision problems. Most of us associate the deteriorating eyesight due to health problems or inherited genes. While the idea of UV rays harming the eyes is brushed off, the problem does not end here.


Wearing the 3M ZT100 glasses can help a lot to protect the eyes from danger. People who work at construction sites are more likely to face a lot of UV rays. While the sun being the top contributor of UV rays, welding work, tanning beds and many other kinds of lasers produce a lot of UV radiation too.


Short term exposure to sunlight and radiation will cause short term effects such as a sunburn but inside the eyes. When you feel your eyes are red and puffy and you feel a gritty sensation, you have sensitive eyes.


Not wearing protection from light will cause the cornea to be ripped and you will need medical assistance. It is important to take preventive measures as soon as you realize something out of the ordinary is happening. When you have already hurt your eyes to the extent where you need a hospital, the pain and agony will be evident, not to mention the hospital bills.


People who work around radiation must ensure to wear the 3M ZT100 with UV protective coating so that their eyes remain safe from harm. Most people who do not take care of today can suffer from permanent blindness in the future as they grow old.


Some people do not wear glasses because they feel it makes them look like a nerd. It is worth mentioning here that some frames may not a good look on you because of your face shape. It is important to choose a suitable frame which looks good on your face shape and you will no longer look odd wearing them.

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