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Sports Safety Glasses
3M Eagle


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• Adjustable temples help provide a comfortable and secure fit
• Brow protector helps keep dust and dirt away from eyes
• Air-vent temples help provide ventilation and reduce fogging

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3m Eagle Safety Glasses for Bifocals and Trifocals Are Made for Specific Jobs


Occupational lenses are made for particular jobs and they are not designed for everyday wear. Bifocals and trifocals are also made for a different occupational purpose. 3m eagle safety glasses are also used for specific purpose lenses. These special purpose lenses suitable for specific work situations. By keeping vision zones near, intermediate, and far at the lens area, make specific jobs easier. After the age of 40, you may need multifocal lenses and you can get an extra pair of eyeglasses for work purpose. 

Here are different types of occupational lenses and their uses.


  1.     Double-D Bifocal:

The D-D bifocal is an ideal for reading and for close work view. It has a D shaped flat top bifocal at the lowest of a lens. For near segment flat top upside down that is situated at the top of the lens. The lens is available to distance correction in between of these two sections. 3m v1000 is also available for all lens types. If you work in an automobile or repair field, this double D-bifocal lens is a perfect solution and you could get a benefit. They give you clear view close up either you are looking up and down or in a car and lift. For clerical post, they are also helpful as you might need to read documents continuously for this field.



  1.     E-D trifocals:

If you have to see all side, E-D trifocals work very well mainly at an arm’s length. The lens is divided into two sections upper half and lower half of the lens. The upper part is to distance view and lower half for intermediate distance. In these trifocals, a visible line separates these two visible vision sections across the whole width of the lens. 3m f9800 is perfect for multifocal.

The difference is, as E-D lenses have a small D shape correction for a near distance that is implanted in the intermediate area.  These trifocal are an ideal option for those who need a wide vision area at an arm’s length. You can see with close up and at a distance view. These lenses are perfect for those people who need to keep an eye on several monitors, read a note from a clipboard, and have to view across the room.


  1.     Reading the whole day:

If you are in a field that you have to read for a whole day or you love to read for all day, you need such type of lenses. You may need bifocals or trifocals that are placed in the section over the lens for multiple views. These lenses would allow you to watch a computer screen or work on it for an extended period. 3m zt25 are ideal for bifocals and trifocals power. They will protect you from any kind of head or back pain even in an uncomfortable posture.


A multifocal lens is the best for occupational places because of changing the position from near to intermediate distance of the progressive plan. There is an option for office progressive lens that give larger and wider intermediate vision for a computer screen and have a small vision zone for near distance. 3m d490 safety glasses are a better choice for intermediate and near distance.


These occupational lenses are good for the computer screen and desk work.  But in spite of such advantage, still, you need other power lens eyeglasses for viewing across the room. Occupational progressive lenses give a limited view and suitable to distance zone. For this reason, you can wear them while driving or others for which you need a wide field vision for distant places.  

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