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Safety Frames

  • Age


  • Gender




  • Material




    Stainless Steel


  • Rim

    Full Rim

    Half Rim


  • Style


    Eco Style





  • Type


  • Temple

    Spring Hinge



  • frame shapes
    • aviator


    • oval-frame

      Modified Oval

    • oval-frame


    • oval-frame


    • rectangle


    • square-frame


    • oval-frame


  • Manufacturer


3M ZT55


3M A2000


3M A2500


3M Classic 1
3M Classic 2
3M Classic 3
3M D490


3M DP720


3M DP810


3M DP820


3M DX670


3M Eagle


3M Safety Glasses


3M protective glasses are well known to provide the comfort and sustainability required by professionals to withstand harsh conditions. With hundreds of unique designs to choose from, there is a solution for every purpose and environment. 3M frames also come with task-specific lenses to help reduce eye strain, fatigue, and glare during work. All 3M prescription eyewear frames are in complete compliance of the ANSI Z87.1-2003 or ANSI Z87.1-2010, depending on the model.


The 3M safety glasses are designed for eye protection to the maximum. The specially designed frames can cover your eyes completely to save from the harmful fumes and dust. Whilst being tough and durable, the glasses are beautifully shaped to make your appearance look better when worn. They are completely customizable too. When thinking of Safety Glasses mostly the bulky designs come to mind but this is not the case with 3M designer frames. The glasses are attractive and come in a variety of colors but mostly black to suit their purpose. However, if you are not fond of dark colors you can browse our collection for brighter shades.


EYEWEB has a wide collection of RX Safety Glasses to choose from. You can change the lenses according to your prescription and we can very well take care of that. We have a well-built function that can guide to through every process so that your order will always be perfect. When ordering Prescription Safety Glasses always ensure that your prescription is up to date. An expiry date is mentioned by your doctor as a standard procedure so you can check it. If by any chance you do not find it written, check the date of issuance. Most adults have a 2-year expiry.


We accept Online Glasses orders through our guided system. We can provide you the best quality frames and lenses according to the prescription provided. Just make sure that it has at least a six-month validity when ordering. If not, kindly consult your eye doctor before ordering to avoid inconvenience. Safety Glasses aren’t hard to purchase. If this is your first time, then you may find order seem like a challenge. If you face any difficulty in the process of our website, do not hesitate to connect with our representative through the live chat option. We will happily assist you.


You can find the latest Designer Online Glasses collection on EYEWEB. We regularly update our inventory to ensure no design has been left out. If you need our guidance, have a look at the 3M Rebel glasses they are one of our best sellers. They are designed for multi-use and fit every purpose. If you find it difficult to understand Safety Glasses Prescription, simply upload it and send it to us. We are experts in reading prescriptions and we can extract the important information necessary to make your glasses. Our website is designed to guide you through each step in a smooth manner.


At EYEWEB you can always find Prescription Safety Glasses near me as we are online 24/7. You don’t need a laptop to order if you are an avid mobile phone user, our website is fully mobile friendly. You can navigate through all the required steps seamlessly and order your favorite glasses in no time. Without a doubt, Safety Eyewear is designed to protect eyes from all possible harm in every situation. Do not take risks in any circumstances at work or even at home. If you feel the need to approach any material that can emit dangerous fumes, always cover your eyes before interacting with it. Safety Eyewear Frames aren’t expensive at all. You can find the best brands at reasonable prices that can fit every budget. We have a huge collection that suits everyone’s needs. Even if your duties at work do not require protection, you must have a pair ready in case you might need them.


Prescription Safety Eyewear is not limited to the scientists alone. If you are a biker, a surfer, an athlete or even a gamer you need to protect your eyes whenever you are outside. The air around us seems calm and peaceful but the micro-sized bacteria lurks around us always. Safety Eyeglasses by 3M are available in different designs and colors. They are shaped for different uses and the frames are designed to easily hold prescription lenses. If they are a requirement at work, then do not hesitate to place your order with us because we can provide you the best eyeglasses at an unbelievably low price.


Ordering Prescription Safety Glasses on our website is a piece of cake. You just have to choose your frame, provide your prescription and choose your lenses. Try making your glasses more customized by adding some extra protective coating. UV protection and blue light protection are some of the most widely used coats on lenses.