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Oval Safety Glasses
Armourx 6001


  • Select Size
  • Lens width:
  • Bridge width:
  • Arm Length:
  • Lens Height:
  • Frame Width:
  • Frame Weight:
  • 62
  • 16
  • 125
  • 39.0
  • 144
  • 32.1

Side shields are:
• Tested per ANSI and CSA Standards
• Impact resistant
• Resistant to lens cleaning chemicals
• Durable - will not crack or craze over time

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Trogamid CX Oval Safety Eyewear Frames Armourx 6001

ArmouRx 6001 is an oval-shaped, full rim Prescription Eyewear Frame comes in different colors (Black, Bronze, Clear, Grey, Red, Silver, White, Blue). The material is Trogamid CX and it comes with a one-year warranty. The Rx Safety Eyewear Frames are a Part of ArmouRx WRAP-Rx COLLECTION. This collection brings you both functional and stylish Safety Eyewear Frames. The protective structure of an integrated side shield, quality material, and available accessories, make these wrap-around models ideal for the workplace. The WRAP-Rx Collection is great for indoor and outdoor work environments. This Safety Eyewear Frame includes an integrated side shields protection and it is a non-conductive material. The frames are approved by ANSI Z87.1 – 2010 security standards. This Prescription Eyewear frame is also available with removable cushion, a fine accessory that will make this Safety Eyewear Frame even more attractive and a Dust Bar. If you are looking for the stylish and trendy frame for your workplace, then ArmouRx 6001 would be a perfect choice to make.

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7 Best Advantage of Armourx 6001 Frame for Prescription Safety Glasses

You required prescription safety glasses for your daily task and you have to wear them for the whole day. If you are going out for outdoor activities like for any sports like racing, cycling, and any other activities. There is plenty of reason to take off your eyeglasses for a different task. We are offering you ArmourX 6001 frame that is suitable for all task whether you are going outside or inside work out. They have the following benefits that you would love to use it for your prescription number.


Armourx 6001 is a lightweight frame:

Suppose you are playing and your chunky eyeglasses or sunglasses just fell down in the middle of the game. It’s really not comfortable to wear such glasses for a lot of energetic tasks. But Armourx 6001 is made by lightweight material that you will be comfortable for the whole day.


Protect eyes from hurting things:

This safety eyewear frames have a designed that cover the wide eye area and help to protect eyes. It can protect eyes against harmful radiation and debris or fine dust particles. It will save you from any injury or irritation and will provide you a sharp vision for all task.


Frame with prescription lenses give clear vision:

Such a frame that is for any lens types will give you a sharp and crystal clear vision. Besides clear vision, you can show you better performance in any filed. It gives a wide view area like natural and feels free from any weight. Now show better work out for your team or organization. 


Adjustable nose bridge:

Most of the people find difficulty, they cannot get eyewear with adjustable nose bridge. Suppose you are sitting on a couch for relaxing and watching your program or involved in some other activity. If your branded safety glasses are falling or slipping down frequently, you can become frustrated.


But in the case of ArmourX 6001 frames, you will not face all these frustrating things. It has a soft and easily adjustable nose pad that will adjust automatically on your nose. Its lightweight material will help you to easily adjusting on your nose for the whole day.


Rubber temples:

While playing or you are on some hot places where your sweat is streaming down on your face and is hurting your eyes. But this frame has rubber temple that will keep them sticky temples during sweating. They help to stop slipping or falling down. You can get a frame in different colors that you would like all colors. Now choose ANSI safety glasses standard frame of your style that will give you a unique look.


Durability stuff:

If you are an eye wearer and you required optical that can help you with all matters. So in this sense, you need an optical that have a guarantee of durability. This frame material and making are so tough and durable as you are.


Armourx 6001 frame offers unisex design:

This unisex design framework for everyone in all places. It is the right frame for all prescription value. It has enough size that can fit for any head size. This is the best product like all Armourx safety glasses. This is the marvel of engineering. No matter what is your need for outdoor or indoor, you can completely rely on this branded product. You will surely find this frame a perfect combination of comfort and convenience.

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