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Plastic Safety Glasses
Armourx 6008

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Plastic Rectangle Online Eyeglasses Frames Armourx 6008

With EYEWEB, we carry only the finest ArmouRx Prescription Safety Eyewear Frames direct from the manufacturer. Combined with the best quality eyeglass lenses made with the utmost care and cutting-edge optical technology, our latest, most hip ArmouRx Prescription Safety Eyewear will make you feel and look great.

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What Everyone Should Know About Armourx 6008 Safety Glasses

When you think of high-end personal protective equipment for eyes, Armourx 6008 is an easy choice. You’ll find this protective eyewear as the ideal accessory to wear on most days, equally apt for work & play. It comes with a variety of features that simply differentiate it from the rest. Armourx glasses can be a great fit for people with an active lifestyle who want an eye accessory that provides them with both safety assurance & sharp looks. You can count on them on any given day to protect your eyes against any unforeseen dangers & hazards that may arise. Let’s look at some of the hottest features offered in these fantastic pair of protective eyeglasses.


Lenses That Are Almost Indestructible

You can choose from either polycarbonate or Trivex lenses, each of them having their own set of attributes that offer top-of-the-line protection. On the other hand, regular plastic or glass is not a suitable option to keep your eyes guarded against hazards such as high-impact projectiles or foreign objects that can easily induce blunt force trauma. They might put your eyes at a greater danger of getting injured due to their weak surface material.


All of Armourx frames’ lenses are made out of polycarbonate material, which makes them virtually shatterproof by having a high-impact tolerance. This makes them eligible to worn in high-activity & dangerous environments. People who’re involved in hazardous work sites such as mining or manufacturing industries would find these to be the perfect solution to their eye protection needs.


You can also add Trivex lenses. Although they offer the same level of high-impact resistance, Trivex lenses are a little pricey due to a higher clarity of vision.


Lens Coating

You need to add some sort of lens coating if you want to make your lenses last a bit longer & provide a superior optical experience, just like WileyX Safety Sunglasses. For instance, you can add anti-scratch coating to prevent any scratches or abrasions on your lenses. This is also because polycarbonate & trivex lenses need some sort of additional protective layer in order to last longer.


You can also add AR (Anti-Reflective) coating which would prevent any reflections occurring on the back or front surface of the lens. This makes your glasses have a more natural look thus resulting in a more natural & aesthetically pleasing appearance. Another lens coating would be the blue-light filter solution which is important especially if you spend the majority of your time working in front of your laptop’s screen.


The Option To Add Prescription Lenses

This is perhaps the feature that sets it apart from regular RX eyewear. You can easily arm your eyewear with the required level of prescription for the best of visual acuity & durability in one RX Protective Eyewear. You’ll be wearing these glasses at times when you’ll be working or involved in sports knowing that your eyes will remain intact against any sort of unexpected accident. On the whole, Armourx facilitates people requiring vision correction in their eyeglasses.

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