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Rectangle Safety Glasses
Armourx 7001


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Cellulose Acetate Rectangle RX Eyeglasses Frames Armourx 7001

Have you looked at ArmouRx Prescription Safety Eyeglasses at your local retail outlet or mall, and decided that they are just too expensive? We have good news for you! Get the glasses you want at prices you can afford at EYEWEB with our huge selection of Discount ArmouRx Prescription Safety Eyeglasses.

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    Cellulose Acetate
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    Full Rim
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How Armourx 7001 Protective Eyewear Can Keep Your Eyes Safe

Armourx 7001 is the perfect fit for those wanting the best of visual acuity & an aesthetically designed frame. Its simplicity leaves an everlasting impression of sophistication & intelligence. If you’re someone who deeply cares about their looks but doesn’t want to sacrifice the safety party of it, this might be the only glasses you need. You don’t want to get your eye safety compromised due to any unnecessary negligence. Be it work, sports or any other activity that can involve any unforeseen accidents or hazards, Armourx remains the perfect choice for situations like these. It has the following features:


ANSI Z87.1 & CSA Z94.3 Compliant

These RX Safety glasses are the ideal solution for people with vision correction. This is because you get to enjoy a higher level of durability through polycarbonate lenses which you don’t get with normal glass or plastic ones. The former is made up of thermoplastic material which is a lot sturdier & much lightweight as well. Its malleability allows lenses to be molded in such a way that gives an all-natural look along with providing a guarantee that the lens won’t shatter against any high impact accident.


It all comes down to having an ANSI compliance, which ensures the wearer of sufficient safety assurance against any hazards such as debris, projectiles or any other foreign object. You don’t have to keep a separate pair of safety eyewear such as goggles as you’re getting a one-size-fits-all solution with Armourx 7001.


Additional Side Shields

Your eyes can get injured especially when fine sediment or particle enters your eyes from the sides or through any perforations of your glasses. To prevent this, Armourx offers detachable side shields in order to provide all-round protection. This is an excellent choice for keeping your peripheral view protected for people involved in sawing, drilling, cutting or any other activity which involves a lot of fine particles. This also removes the need for wearing safety goggles as an additional overlay over your glasses. There’s also the option to include these side shields as a permanent feature in your eyewear if you want.


Comfortable Enough to Wear All Day

Acetate plastic material lets you wear these frames for as long as you like without experiencing any marks on your face. The comfortable plastic nose piece along with nicely contoured temples provide a snug-fitting even without causing any discomfort, even if you have to wear the frames all day at work or during any other task.


Perfect Eyewear for That Hipster Look

Armourx glasses provide a fantastic visual appeal that makes them an easy favorite among thousands of people who are conscious about their style & appearance. The frame resembles a trendy shape that is popular among people who prefer a cool, hipster appearance which moderately thick frames & elegant rims around lenses for a perfect look. On the whole, these Safety Sunglasses are the perfect archetype of modern eyewear that offers the best of both worlds.

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