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  • Los Angeles

Rectangle Safety Glasses
Armourx 7012


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  • 55
  • 17
  • 140
  • 34.1
  • 142
  • 26.2
  • 57
  • 17
  • 140
  • 35.3
  • 142
  • 24.7
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Armourx 7012 Safety Frame

The ARMOURX 7012 can be the latest addition to your wardrobe because of its style. But if you are looking for Prescription Safety Glasses then it becomes even a greater necessity because while it is a cool looking frame, it is also a design that will protect your eyes in dangerous situations.

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    Full Rim
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    Stainless Steel
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Save Money on a New Pair of Eyeglasses by Keeping Old Armourx 7012 Frame


You need new eyewear while you purchased your previous one with Armourx 7012 frames over a year ago. You are constantly noticing the change in your prescription. You noticed that you are unable to watch TV, find difficulty in reading a book or magazine at some specific distance. You love your current eye plan but prescription has changed. But you don’t need to change eyeglasses. You can go with an old frame but with new prescription lenses.


Constantly change in vision:

It is very difficult for that eyewear who has to face constant change in vision. Sometimes an eye doctor makes small changing to your vision. You go on thinking whether you should change your Prescription Safety Glasses completely or to change lenses. As you know that it is unhealthy and unsafe to see through outdated prescription. It can cause a headache and dizziness.


A new prescription set can shock you due to high prices and factors of cost are frames, lenses, and coating. You can find a pair of eyeglasses with the same shape on the different store but with different prices. If your previous set of eyewear is very dear to you, you don’t need to change the entire set. You simply have to invest in new prescription lenses with the same Safety Eyewear Frames and save money for frames.


Your optician will convince you for a new up to date eyewear even if you have a classic frame. He would leave no option for you except this that you have to change the whole eyewear set. Many opticians force all consumer to invest on new eyeglasses. Don’t follow his words, you should go with your loved one frame and say for a lens change.


The advantage of changing lens than frame:

Contrary to what people will say you, it is not always compulsory to buy an entirely new pair of glasses. There are many situations where you can change new lenses with old frames. You will get many advantages by using this approach. You even can order online prescription eyewear from any store.


  • Replacing lenses is less costly than frames. Frame cost is a large part of the cost in a new set of eyewear and it becomes too costly when you try to approach designer frames. But applying new lenses in the old frame, you save 70 to 80% of your budget.
  • You can get update prescription lens with old frame and can save your saving. You can spend this money for any other purpose.
  • You can easily change the lenses with desirable coating or tints. You can easily change your lenses into single or bifocal lenses or even in computer eyeglasses. Hudson Safety Glasses also work very well with ant lenses types, if you have this brand’s frame.


You don’t have to alter your fame for new lenses. Most people change frames because they want to wear a new style frame after some time. If you have sturdy fame for all indoor and outdoor activities, then go with an old frame. You can get a new polycarbonate lens for all vision types.

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