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Rectangle Glasses
Qbee S8209


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  • Lens width:
  • Bridge width:
  • Arm Length:
  • Lens Height:
  • Frame Width:
  • Frame Weight:
  • 51
  • 17
  • 140
  • 27
  • 137
  • 17
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Memory Flexible Rectangle Eyewear Frames Online S8209

This particularly amazing pair of Eyeglasses Frames in the sizes of lens width 51, bridge width 17, arm length 140, lens height 27, frame width 137, and a frame weight of 17. It is quite the classic and trendy look for one looking to showcase it off to the public, comes in a rectangle shape with a half rim and available for the industry low cost of only $49 dollars from EYEWEB. There is much that can be said about the selection of eyewear frames these days depending on where you are to shop at. There is a lot of variation, color, style, shape, personality, price and etc., just so much goes into this that many often double guess themselves when ordering eyeglasses frames anywhere. Also there are a few things you need to watch out for such an a local optician trying to up sell you on a higher priced frame that is cool looking but making you want to triple check wither your wallet can sustain the hit from the higher cost. This will also make one think about the additional options that can be available to purchase at one place but not another and of course the final quality of your eyeglasses. One needs to option shop with confidence since we hold the power with our wallets and thanks to strong completion your shopping choices are open.

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    Memory Flexible
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    Half Rim
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    Qbee Collection


Why QBEE S8209 Fashion Eyewear Is Not Just an Eye Accessory

Wearing QBEE S8209 will make you realize that it’s more than just eyewear. The half-rimmed, classic rectangle-shaped glasses are a versatile choice for anyone who wants a one size fits all solution in terms of buying eyewear that goes along with a variety of outfits. It’s slender, elegant rims offer a sophisticated, delicate appearance that is often sought by people who prefer a ‘glasses-free’ appearance. These glasses are as much as for reading purposes as they are for wearing with most types of clothing.


Qbee S8209is truly a minimalist’s jewel. This is denoted by a half-rimmed style that enables the glasses to be coupled with RX lenses without actually making you look like a nerd. People who require vision correction don’t have to worry about their visual appeal as the glasses are meant to provide a sharp, sophisticated aesthetic. By wearing the S8209, you get to have the shape of a contemporary, well-designed frame that supports corrective lenses. These glasses come in Umber color & are best for people who want to highlight facial features such as the cheekbones to give a sharper look to their faces. Furthermore, you may want to check out a few other options that may appeal to your taste:


METRA 2801

These Eyewear Frames Online come in Onyx color. The spring hinges prolong the shelf life of your glasses by preventing them from breaking easily in the event of any mishandling. 2801 comes in classic rectangle shape with slightly extended parts of the brow bar at the hinges which makes it wearable for both men & women. The rectangle shape makes it apt to wear for people with round or oblong faces for balancing out their facial features. The frame is quite average in terms of thickness which makes it suitable to be worn with a variety of outfits.


METRA 1519

The Metra 1519 comes in a broad rectangle shape that is meant to provide a greater range of view. It comes in Driftwood color.  These glasses are ideal for people with oblong face shape thus allowing their faces to add a bit of width for a balanced appearance. You can sport these glasses most of the time without even thinking about what outfit will suit your glasses. The lean, slender rimmed temples provide added comfort when you need to wear glasses for long hours.


METRA 1279

1279 by Metra comes in Cinder color which provides a nice contrast if worn with any outfit that has bright colors. Qbee S8209 Glasseshave thick frames surround the lenses which give that ‘hipster’ look. Moreover, plastic frames are low maintenance & lightweight as compared to stainless steel & plastic frames.


METRA 2528

2528 comes in a Clubmaster inspired shape which makes it a perfect choice for people with oblong faces. The upswept hinges provide a cat-eyed shape aesthetic which is often sought by women who prefer a retro look in their glasses.