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Rectangle Glasses
Qbee S8206


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  • 54
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  • 18.1
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Memory Flexible Rectangle RX Glasses Online S8206

Qbee Collection RX Glasses Online S8206 gives the wearer a clean and uncomplicated look with the lightweight frames made of durable memory flexible material. This is a full rim frame available in the rectangular shape. Qbee Collection RX Glasses Online is synonymous with wild and trendy designs. EYEWEB provides you with 100% authentic RX glasses with a one-year warranty. If you're not satisfied with your Qbee Collection Prescription Eyeglasses, we'll make it right. Guaranteed. You can choose from the different frame and lens color options. This men`s frame is available in some exciting colors (Umber). We completely back our Qbee Collection Designer Glasses, and have 24/7 customer service staffed by optical professionals. We are ready to help you with any questions or issues you may have. So buy the Qbee Collection you've been looking at. We guarantee you will be satisfied.

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    Memory Flexible
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    Half Rim
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    Qbee Collection


QBEE S8206 Reading Eyeglasses for Glasses-Free Look

Don’t want your glasses to make you look like a nerd? Enter Qbee Glasses. These glasses are the perfect example of an eye accessory that provides a sharp aesthetic to your appearance while maintaining sophistication at the same time. This slender frame is perfect to wear for people working white-collar jobs or business executives who have to bear a certain level of professionalism. These glasses come in rectangle shape which is perfect for oblong or round face shapes as they add squarish balance to the overall facial outline.


The S8206 never falls short of what you call contemporary stylish glasses with a sleek appearance. The best part is that you can add RX lenses to these sophisticated looking frames. Thus, this is an excellent choice for people with vision correction problems as they get to enjoy a sharp, glasses-free look with this eyewear. These QBEE glasses come in Umber color which can be sported with a wide variety of other colors of your chosen outfit.


You may want to check out other fantastic RX Glasses Online as well that may prove to be a valuable addition to your wardrobe.


These glasses come in Dorado colored rims. The S9329 combines nuances of Reading Eyeglasses with fashion ones in order to strike a fine balance. The hallmark of these glasses is the magnetic clip-on option which can be used to put on sunglasses lenses when stepping outside in sunny conditions. This stops you from carrying another pair of glasses with corrective lenses just to see clearly. The clip-on shades also prevent UV A & B types of rays from harming your eyes. Thus, you are getting the best of both here. These Trivoli glasses come in a metallic frame, which is a lot stronger than usual plastic frames. Theses rectangle-shaped glasses are best suited for round or long faces in order to add a bit of width to their facial outline.



The S1097 by Metra is a favorite among people who prefer classic rectangle-shaped glasses for reading purposes. Its temple tips are covered in plastic in order to provide a snug-fitting & prevent your glasses from falling off from your face. Furthermore, the classic barrel hinges are quite low maintenance & add to the durability of these glasses. The stainless steel frame prevents these glasses from bending out of shape or disfiguring in case of any mishandling. The S1097 comes in Tea color.



The Metra 291 comes in popular black color & a classic rectangle shape. The glasses come in the aluminum alloy which makes them a lightweight eye accessory with higher durability by contrast to plastic frames.


METRA 2821

These glasses are available in Cinder color. They come in rectangle shape which can be worn by people having round-shaped faces to highlight their cheekbones or accentuate definition on their face. They are the hipster’s favorite fashion accessory. You can equally them with formal clothing as well.

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