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Safety Frames

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  • Collections

    Metra Collection

    Prato Collection

    Qbee Collection

    Trivoli Collection

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  • Material

    Acetate Plastic

    Aluminum Alloy

    Memory Flexible



    Stainless Steel



    Wood Temple

  • Rim

    Full Rim

    Half Rim


  • Style





    Magnetic clip-on

  • Type


  • frame shapes
    • aviator


    • oval-frame


    • oval-frame


    • oval-frame


    • rectangle


    • round-frame


    • wayfarer


    • square-frame


    • horn


Prato 9253


Prato T6573


Prato 3282


Prato T6561


Prato 9055


Prato T6300


Prato T6569


Prato 8870


Prato 9248


Prato 9267


60% Off
Prato 9196


Prato T6575


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For men, perfection has always been the name of the game. Every man perceives his style to be unique, which is characterized by his taste, perceived aesthetics & choices. At Eyeweb, we make sure that you make all the right choices for yourself. Being at the forefront among the digital retailers of eyewear, we offer the largest online collection of designer glasses exclusively for men. We help you choose the ideal pair which accentuates your masculinity. You can take it to the next level with the right pair of glasses which offers class, elegance & gains prominence when worn with your favorite attire. Wearing a prized eye accessory which encapsulates your unmatched style & personality is every man’s prerogative.


Trendsetting Designer Glasses Online for Men – Combining Style with Substance

High-quality designer frames are the ultimate eye accessory to view the world & be seen as an icon at the same time. Men often have the power to ignore the price tag in favor of the premium quality of any given product. This is solely due to the fact that quality trumps everything. Eyeweb offers a huge assortment of eyeglasses at very reasonable prices. We offer an enormous range of top-drawer brands that are tailored to suit your own unique aesthetic & functional needs pertaining to sight. The best designer frames can now be found under one roof. Some of the Industry leading brands which we offer are Metra, Prato & Trivoli. We go the extra mile in ensuring that you look your level best whether you’re driving your favorite car, taking nice pictures with your girlfriend, riding those waves on the beach or just having a giddy time with your loved ones while being outdoors. A notable thing about a fine, elegant piece of eyewear is that it can be a jewel of an accessory for a number of befitting occasions. Men prize their possessions as much as women do. To cater to that, brands which we offer are made using cutting technological methods that are meant to deliver high customer satisfaction through exceptional value. The designer frames enhance your overall visual appeal & add a kick to your personality.


Reading Prescription Eyeglasses for Men – More Than Just an Eye Accessory

Modern beauty standards have allowed glasses are perceived as a fashion statement, which is equally so in the case of men. While wearing your favorite wayfarers, you subconsciously send certain signals about your personality too. Men are visual creatures by nature. Thus, they tend to value possessions of which are of high quality & have a certain aesthetic appeal to them as well. Eyeweb offers you RX glasses from top-notch brands that are made exclusively for men. They are available in all kinds of frame shapes & sizes. For instance, a sophisticated look can be achieved by wearing a conservative, lean frame with slender rims. For reading glasses, people often prefer glasses with bigger lenses, which possess a larger surface area & thus allow for a comfortable vision when reading. Our users are given a vast array of choices to select from the best Men Eyeglasses frames at the most affordable prices available online. We allow our male audience to choose from customizable eyewear which is relevant to the norms of contemporary fashion.


Men Eyeglasses for Safety – For Shatter Proof Protection On the Go

Selecting the right protective eyewear when it comes to protecting your eyes is a critical decision. According to statistics, men are more likely to sustain injuries at work. Men take up riskier vocations which puts them at risk of losing their vision through a devastating injury. Exposure to debris, toxic chemicals, bits of metal or glass can induce grave damage to the eye. Thousands of men suffer eye injuries every day. This is often due to not wearing proper equipment for eye protection be it work or play. Experts unanimously agree that eye injuries could be reduced by ninety percent by wearing protective equipment where hazards exist. Hence, always go with protective eyewear of the highest quality. Eyeweb offers the industry-leading brands like 3M, WileyX, ArmourX & Hilco among several others. Most of the safety equipment for eyes we offer is ANSI & OHSA Standards Compliant, offering the required level of safety assurance against high velocity & volume impact. Buying protecting equipment for your eyes is more than just an investment, it’s an absolute necessity. Eyeweb offers the most trustworthy brands in the world of Personal Protective Equipment. The prescription safety glasses we offer are shatter-proof in nature & make you look like a million bucks at the same time.


Designer Men Eyeglasses – Awaken The Icon Within You

Many online merchandisers offer different designs of men’s Reading Prescription Eyeglasses that sometimes is made of high-quality material but most of the time you have to face the fact that you have been deceived, and the eyewear frames that you have ordered are of shoddy or of a tacky standard than you have expected. EYEWEB promises you the best quality that you need and you will come again and again to our online store to buy perfect glasses online for yourself. We are one of the oldest and among finest the online retailer of the Men Glasses and own a 100% satisfaction rate from our valued customers. You will find some of the most desirable glasses with some of the most exciting designs manufactured by our brilliant designers. You will not find designs of eyewear anywhere, not only on the internet but also at your street retailers what you will find on our online store because the material offered by us is selected by our most experienced technicians. If you are one of those people who are looking for new and stylish Online RX Eyeglasses, then you are in the right place as to purchase from one of the most experienced eyeglasses online retailer with dedicated optometrists on our team. The brands offered by us help you blend your originality with all kinds of upcoming trends in the world of eyeglasses. Also, our eye care experts guarantee eye care of the highest standard available and we keep on our toes to answer your questions on a 24/7 basis at your convenience. This is your one-stop destination for finding Eyewear by industry-leading brands at affordable prices with unrivaled customer service.