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Safety Frames

Titmus 70 F


Titmus FC 703

Important Information That You Would Love To Know About Titmus Safety Glasses

Stylish people deserve precious Safety Glasses that is the mixture of all trends. Add the burst of colors in your wardrobe with unique glasses that make your day perfect. Now give the look of your beautiful eyes with decent eyewear in all distinct shades for all-day wearing. Titmus safety glasses are a popular choice of RX Safety Glasses which suite for all season and workplace. We deal with this brand and give a wide range of quality-wise safety glasses. Our quality eyewear will protect your eyes from UV rays and other injuries. We have twin color options provide an edge of multicolor lovers.


If you are searching the glasses for the replacement of Prescription Safety Glasses, you are in the right place. Enjoy your work at all place with high-grade vision. You will be pleased and impressed with our ample collection of eyewear. Eyeweb delivers the high-grade Online Safety Glasses that are lightweight and packages quite meet your needs. Dress up your preferred character and practice it for fashion. The solid material has used in legs which make it more comfortable and durable glasses for all class.


You would see the assortment on our Safety Glasses Online site and never end it without any choice. Our all products are natural to wear and skin favorably by avoiding the clipping of face and hairs. We are here because of you and wish to give you the best from all other sites. Due to brand awareness among many people, we are offering a good collection of Designer Safety Glasses for your face and budget. We approach all fashion accessories related to eyeglasses. It will suit you for all activities and suitable at all places for all face shapes.


You can change the lenses with Safety Glasses Prescription with the help of local optician. They have an effective coating with anti-scratching and protect you from any sensitivity. You have a right to show your charming appeal for various occasions with iconic design. Don't fatigue your fingers on a finding of Prescription Safety Glasses so we are too near as you can think. Dear don't waste your time for the nearest store only click your desirable piece with confidence and get it fast without any inconvenience.


Safety Eyewear should so secure that is not easily breakable, and we claim for such type of safety. These optical puts no burden on the nose and guaranteed you with maximum satisfaction. The eyewear is uneasy to fall, and elastic spring hinge gives the perfect grip of your head. Don't worry about the size and colors of the product because we have the assortment beyond your thinking. If you are interested in Safety Eyewear Frames, then Eyeweb has an immense stock of such pieces to win the favor of all fashions. There are classic colors, several designs that are most approachable for all trend followers.


Here are the perfect package and ideal gift of Prescription Safety Eyewear for friends and family. Titmus Safety Glasses is delivering stylish, high-grade quality eyewear more than a century. All eyewear of this brand satisfies ANSI standards and made by long-lasting plastic. Safety Eyeglasses has become very important for everyone at the workplace to protect eyes from any hurt. Eyeweb is presenting safety eyeglasses with all accessories. We have stock of safety products specifically what you expect. Order here with confidence we will give you safety eyewear with a Titmus protecting packing case and a cleaning cloth. Say goodbye your worries about how to change the Prescription Safety Eyeglasses with your lens. If you give us exact lens length, then we shall deliver you same length frame that you can change effortlessly from an optician. Your trust is our pride.


Titmus safety glasses are well-known to have quality products. They delivered to their consumer who requires prescription eyewear around the world. Titmus works with wholesale distributors for approaching their customers all over the world. The lenses and frames of this company are so stylish and safety approved that customers love to wear them on their job place. Titmus also belong to the safety organization like following.

  •   National Safety Council
  •   International Safety Equipment Association
  •   Vision Council of America
  •   Prevent Blindness America


Titmus main safety products line:

  •   SWRC collection:

The SWRX collection offers you prescription safety glasses lens safety in a famous wrap style. They are available for the indoor and outdoor options to suit the users need. The perfect lens size provides effective safety under and beside the eyes area. The model has a sweat bar that is ideal for the working environment particularly of hot and dusty. Main features of SWRX collections are below.


Main features of SWRX collection:

  1. Stainless steel material
  2. Spring hinges
  3. Face-form wrap
  4. Nickel-free plating
  5. Some piece has no metal content
  6. Replaceable dust dam
  7. Nose pads are adjustable
  8. Integrated side shields
  9. Temples are not replaceable
  10. Some safety eyewear has injected molded nylon
  11. Removable foam insert
  12. Adjustable strap
  13. Integrated side shields are extendable


Some RX safety glasses have Anti-fog coating with these options.

  1.  The frame is available in complete and assembles with fixed temples
  2.  Medium nose pads
  3.  Foam insert
  4.  Ships with small and large nose pads
  5.  Expandable headband
  6.  Some are handmade acetate
  7.  Wrapped end pieces
  8.  Some have the option of interchangeable temples and headband
  9.  ANSI Z87.1 standards
  10. Existing as Plano


Other product lines are available here with main features like.

  1. Trendsetters collection
  2. Titanium collection
  3. Exclusive collection
  4. Premier collection
  5. Baseline collection
  6. Standard collection
  7. Side shields


  • Trendsetters collection:
  1. Stainless steel
  2. Spring hinges
  3. Temples are not replaceable
  4. ANSI Z87.1 approved standard
  5. Gray side shield available
  6. Some have extra-large fit
  7. Some eyewear style has a handmade acetate frame and multi-layered design


  •  Titanium collection:
  1. 100% Titanium, corrosion-resistant, and lightweight
  2. Spring hinges
  3. Nickel-free plating
  4. Temple is not replaceable
  5. ANSI Z87.1 approved standard
  6. Some eyewear has memory metal technology


  • Exclusive collection
  1. stainless steel
  2. Spring hinges
  3. Patent-pending that has a high-performance lens retention system
  4. Temple is not replaceable
  5. New patented flex shield is present
  6. ANSI Z87.1 standard


Some eyewear of this collection has

  1. Stainless steel split temple construction
  2. Handmade acetate temple tips with saddle fit bridge style
  3. Metal 3-barrel hinge
  4. Detachable side shield


  • Premier collection:
  1. Spring hinges
  2. Molded uni fit bridge
  3. ANSI Z87.1 standard


  • Baseline collection:
  1. Stainless steel
  2. Spring hinge
  3. Grey color side shield
  4. ANSI Z87.1 standard
  5. No replacement of temples


  • Standard collection:
  1. Spring hinge
  2. Standard temples
  3. Available in stock Plano
  4. Integrated and removable side shield
  5. ANSI Z87.1 standard
  6. Some eyewear has integrated side shields
  7. Low metal content
  8. Polycarbonate temples
  9. Some pieces have permanently attached cup side shield