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Plastic Safety Glasses

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WileyX BRICK Safety Frame

The BRICK by WILEYX is a design that falls in the category of ANSI Safety Glasses. It is not something you would be wearing at the office desk but, it certainly is one of the sportiest glasses on the internet. The WILEYX BRICK is designed to cover your eyes from all sides.

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Why People Love Wearing Wiley X Brick Sunglasses

Wiley X Brick is available in Climate Control series that offer superior comfort & protection to make your adventure a memorable one. People who love thrills & adventures when exploring outdoors would find these safety glasses to be the perfect eye accessory that does the job effectively of protecting their eyes against hazards. Protecting your eyes against any unforeseen dangers is a necessary measure that can’t be ignored. According to the Vision Council, almost half a million fall prey to sports-related eye injuries on an annual basis. Most of the injuries occur as a result of not wearing any sort of eye protection or wearing an inappropriate one.

With Wiley X, you get to enjoy wide-ranging features that ordinary sunglasses simply can’t match. You’ll find these attributes to be incredibly rewarding & valuable. When you invest in a high-quality pair of sunglasses, you get a whole lot more than what you actually pay for.



Wiley X Brick comes in a signature wraparound shape which helps you achieve a sporty look. Safety Eyeglasses don’t have to be old-fashioned. This is why Wiley X eyewear offers you a higher level of functionality without sacrificing aesthetics. The wraparound shape also helps in providing enhanced vision by increasing lateral view. The very shape also protects your eyes from any fine particles, dust or debris from hurting your eyes. Moreover, you can also wear them along with your favorite outfits without compromising on style. When wearing Wiley X, you feel good on the inside too.



The frame comes with carefully curved rubber injected temples that provide a snug-fitting & prevent any discomfort, even if you intend to wear them all day. For allowing a more comfortable fit, the nose piece allows you to adjust it without any limitations to cater to any face type. This full-rimmed frame is helpful to provide a comfortable fit as well as offer support to a removable gasket that comes with all Climate Control series by Wiley X Safety Eyeglasses.


Facial Cavity Seal

For full-on protection, Wiley X offers a removable gasket that can be easily affixed behind the rim to act as a comfortable seal that prevents any fine sediments or particles from entering into your eyes from the side. This is to plug in any gaps or perforations left by your eyewear. The removable gasket is essential as it rests nicely against your face without inducing any discomfort or pain. Wiley X Climate Control is the perfect option if you’re someone who is involved in a string of high- speed activities such as snowboarding, motorcycle riding & skiing among other thrilling sports.


Polycarbonate Lenses

Wiley X Safety Eyewear is made using polycarbonate lenses that offer shatterproof protection. They are a lot stronger than plastic or glass lenses which don’t provide the required level of safety assurance. Polycarbonate lenses are ideal to guard your eyes against hazards such as high-speed projectiles, debris, dust & foreign objects. Overall, Wiley X Brick is a standout option for anyone who wants to look good while performing at their level best in their favorite sport.

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