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Plastic Wrap Safety Glasses

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Plastic Wrap RX Safety Eyewear Frames WileyX NASH

WileyX NASH has a nice style and perfect fit for adults from medium to large face cuts. These sunglasses are from growing Active Lifestyle Series. They are the perfect sunglasses for sports and all type of adventures. These branded safety glasses are the perfect companion for both men and women because of a strong grip. This protective eyewear exceeds the ANSI safety standard and has a high impact and high-velocity standard. The polarized lenses of these glasses do a great help in removing glare and provide distortion free natural vision. WileyX this NASH series can get for a prescription number if you have. They give a wide field of visual clarity. 

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Outshine others with WileyX Nash Sunglasses!

WileyX Nash combines elements of safety & sporty aesthetics for those leading active lifestyles. When it comes to top-drawer sunglasses, WileyX remains a standout option for most people who are looking for a one-size-fits-all solution. These Safety Eyewear Frames will offer you everything that you need to show off to your peers while knowing that your eyes are protected from any unforeseen hazards. There’s simply nothing that could stop you when wearing these exciting frames on the go. You get to enjoy a wealth of features offered by WileyX Nash.


Ballistic Rated Protection

WileyX Nash provide ballistic rated safety, which means they are strong enough to withstand projectiles as fast as a bullet without shattering into your eyes or getting knocked out of position. Such a level of robustness is equally applicable for frames as well. WileyX is renowned for making the toughest personal protective equipment for veterans who serve in unforgiving environments. Ballistic rated means that you get to enjoy the same level of military graded protection that is designed to protect veterans serving in harsh conditions.


Moreover, ballistic rated protection is supported by the use of polycarbonate lenses. This is done in almost all of WileyX eyewear as ANSI Z87.1 requires any pair of Safety Eyeglasses that promise a certain level of safety assurance. Polycarbonate material helps provide exactly that. Due to its sturdy texture, polycarbonate material helps achieve shatterproof protection which makes them the ideal choice to wear for most environments that pose threats like high-impact blunt force trauma accidents.


Polarized Lenses

In order to reduce glare & prevent UV A & B types of rays from damaging your eyes, polarized lenses are the right option you’d pick to keep your eyes protected. Polarized lenses have light transmission levels in them in order to reduce any excessive light from harming your eyesight. You can choose from different transmission levels for the one that suits your needs. WileyX’s own Filter 8 Technology combines various layers of coatings that result in a superior optical experience.


Polarized lenses also provide a nice aesthetic that is perfect for outdoor pictures. Most WileyX Safety Eyeglasses come with such types of lenses in varying colors. WileyX Nash is available in smoke grey color, which is best to wear in bright or sunny conditions. They amplify the quality of your vision in broad daylight. You can count on WileyX Nash to keep your vision protected & provide the right color contrast for your eyes to view in a way that you’ve never experienced before.


Lens Coatings

Filter 8 Technology also contains a variety of lens coatings that provide the full experience of sunglasses that provide safety assurance. By contrast, regular eyewear is simply no match due to the variety of features offered by WileyX. Water sports enthusiasts are in for a treat. WileyX’s Hydrophobic coating provide an obstructed vision by letting the water slide down the lens surface instead of clinging onto it. This translates into an uninterrupted vision during your performance.

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