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Plastic Wrap Safety Glasses

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Wiley x SABER ADVANCED are the best sunglasses for shooting and any other outside adventures. Their wrap-around shape provides maximum protection and gives a wide view area. They are available for medium to large head size. The padded nose piece that combines with the temple pads and provides a comfortable and secure fit. The sunglasses have a ballistic standard and exceed ANSI safety standard. They compete for all the complicated environment. These branded safety glasses are the surety of protection and optical clarity. The frame is lightweight due to polymer manufacturing. Polycarbonate material is used in their lenses that is the guarantee of 100% protection against UVA and UVB rays.

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Accentuate Your Style with WileyX Saber Advanced Sunglasses

Discover an amazing set of features offered by WileyX Saber right here on Eyeweb. This unique eyewear provides you a lot more than you pay for. What really sets it apart from other sunglasses is the amazing lens options that you can wear according to the prevailing light requirements of your environment. Nonetheless, WileyX is renowned for helping sports athletes & enthusiasts perform at their level best. Wiley X Saber Advanced sets the bar higher when it comes to all-round eyewear for maintaining a sharp look and a confidence that never gets undermined by any unexpected hazard.


3 Lenses For Optimum Visual Clarity

Different types of lenses have their own light transmission levels, which is necessary to reduce the amount of glare & let the wearer’s vision be clear enough. Unfortunately, not all lenses are suitable to wear in varying light conditions. For instance, in bright or sunny conditions, you need a dark tinted lens to reduce the amount of unnecessary light obstructing your vision. Whereas in medium to low light conditions have their own light transmission requirements. In order to cater to various environments, WileyX Saber Advanced Safety Eyeglasses let users choose from 3 lens types:

  • Pale Yellow – This is the exact type you want to get if you spend the majority of your time indoors or in low-light conditions. They form the perfect complementary color to go with a Matte Black frame. 
  • Smoke Grey – Feel free to wear them when exploring outdoors in bright, sunny conditions. They have the lowest amount of light transmission levels (12%) which makes them the ideal candidate to ward off any excessive sunlight during the day.
  • Clear Lenses –  Wear them whenever you’re indoors or need the maximum amount of light to see clearly. Perfect to combine with Prescription Lenses if you’re someone who requires vision correction.



WileyX Saber Advanced comes in Matte Black frame with a sleek finish. The half-rim frame is perfect for a sporty aesthetic. Moreover, the temples are coiled in such a way that the whole frame sits nicely on your face, allowing a snug fit. The rubber injected nose piece can be easily adjusted for the perfect fit for almost any face type. Moreover, it makes your eyewear comfortable enough to wear all day long. These Wraparound prescription safety glasses are ideal to wear for sports due to their greater peripheral vision that allows for maximum performance.


Further Add-ons

Safety Eyeglassesby WileyX let you choose from different lens coatings that enhance your optical experience & increase the robustness of your eyewear. For instance, WileyX’s very own T-Shell hard coating prevents any scratches from damaging the lenses. Moreover, they also increase your eyewear’s shelf life which means less replacement cost.


On the whole, WileyX Saber Advanced is an excellent choice for those who lead active lifestyles without wanting to compromise on their looks and safety. WileyX eyewear lets you look & feel good at the same time as boundless confidence leads to unrivaled performance

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