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Safety Frames


Shop Wiley X Youth Glasses On Eyeweb

Wiley X offers Youth Force Sports Eyewear for younger ones to keep their eyes safe at all times during school or play. Made with cutting edge technology, Wiley X glasses are used by people from all around the world. It is the go-to option for kids who are heavily involved in sports or any other physical activity which poses a threat to their eye safety. When it comes to protecting the eyesight of children & teens, there lies no compromise on quality. Hence, Wiley X Youth Glasses are ideal for providing all-round eye protection.


ASTM F803 Rated

These glasses are able to withstand high volume & velocity impact without actually breaking or shattering into the wearer’s eye. This makes them perfectly eligible to wear during sports where chances of a blunt trauma injury are pretty high. According to the Vision Council, Eye injuries are the leading cause of blindness among children. So much so that out of almost half a million sports-related eye injuries, one-third are suffered by children. Hence, you need something that offers fool-proof protection for the eyes of your loved ones.

Wiley X’s Youth Force series ensures a stress-free experience for children & youngsters, enabling them to wholly enjoy their pursuits. ASTM F803 protection ensures that children’s eyes stay protected against any high-speed projectiles or foreign objects. Under the very standard, Wiley X Prescription Safety Eyeglasses are also assessed for their overall optical performance, including vision correction & comfort when wearing them for long hours.


Shatter Proof Confidence With Polycarbonate Lenses

Youth Force series by Wiley X offers lenses which don’t break that easily. This is due to polycarbonate lenses, which offer ten times stronger durability than plastic or regular glass lenses. It makes them an ideal choice for protecting against various hazards which otherwise can leave a child’s eyes permanently damaged. If you’re looking for RX Eyeglasses Online, make sure that they include polycarbonate lenses. It is also lightweight in nature, which means the glasses won’t induce any sensation of discomfort even when your child wears them all day long.

On the whole, Youth Force series comes in fantastic color combinations which make them a popular choice among kids. Wiley X’s signature ‘wraparound’ shape helps provide a sporty aesthetic which makes your child look good at the same time while being protected at the same time.


RX Glasses That Aren’t ‘Nerdy’ At All

Kids who think that wearing glasses are uncool couldn't be more wrong. With polycarbonate lenses, your glasses will stay light on your face even if you pack up a higher prescription index in your lenses. Moreover, due to polycarbonate’s lean composition, your glasses won’t have a thick, bulging appearance. Wiley X makes wearing prescription glasses for kids cooler than ever! Now children & youngsters can easily show off their RX frames without being labeled as an outcast or a nerd. With it’s ASTM F803 rated protection & polycarbonate lenses, your child’s eyes are in safe hands. On the whole, Eyeweb offers the perfect solution for eye protection of youngsters with Wiley X Youth Force Series.