Corporate Eyewear

Next Generation Corporate Eyewear MicroPortal

EyewebSafety links directly (and securely) to your HR Employee database and completely automates roster and benefit management. If your organization has multiple locations (20-2,000+) there is simply no substitute for your ability to manage the entire program on a centralized, real time dashboard. Your custom micro-portal is deployed with your business rules, company benefits, frame+lens catalog, unique registration or approval requirements, shipping rules, payroll deduction, billing etc. Eyeweb provides an exclusive yet seemingly endless variety of safety glasses and prescription safety glasses, all of which meet the industry safety standards. We understand the importance of protecting your employees' vision, and our safety eyewear program is tailored to meet the unique needs of your company.

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Anywhere, Anytime

Enjoy 24/7 access from any digital device.__Our cloud-based service allows multi-location access from anywhere in the world. In short, you can access your safety program from anywhere, anytime.

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Virtual Try On / Digital Measurements

Choose frames that suit you best! Our virtual try-on feature lets you see how good you look in your favorite eyewear. There are thousands of frames to choose from.

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Kiosk, Desktop or Mobile

Convenience is the name of the game. Eyeweb Safety offers a fully functional cross-platform service. Use any digital device to access your safety program for flexible reporting & administration.

Our Clients

Our Clients

EyewebSafety services clients both small and large. With very few exceptions, all require some level of program customization to meet their unique requirements.

Safety Eyewear Solutions

Safety Eyewear Solutions
for Any Industry

At Eyeweb, we understand the importance of protecting your eyes in the workplace. The EyewebSafety Program is designed to provide high-quality and durable eye protection for workers in any environment.

The program has been highly successful in aerospace, mining, engineering, construction, pharmaceutical, and packaging, chemical, recreation, retail, service operations, automotive, software, recreation, etc. Whether you're working on a construction site or in a pharmaceutical lab, we have the perfect pair of safety glasses for you.

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Major airline needed to provide different benefits based on functional work groups.


EYEWEB SOLUTION includes option to setup benefits at a departmental level
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Largest Ski Resort in USA need to provide flexible benefits based on vision type..


EYEWEB SOLUTION intelligent cart automatically changes benefit levels based on contents of shopping cart. Multifocal users get additional benefits.
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Mining, Oil & Gas

Some employees do not have access to Internet.


EYEWEB SOLUTION includes the flexibility to operate dual programs: online and form-based. Employees can fax or mail order forms that are managed by an authorization code
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Service Organizations

Widely disbursed workforce works remotely often from a service van.


EYEWEB SOLUTION allows employee to capture photos of prescriptions and order via mobile phone or tablet.
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Union rules do not allow specific locations to use payroll deduction


EYEWEB SOLUTION includes functionally to limit payroll deduction by location.
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Highly disbursed employees need to create their user accounts


EYEWEB SOLUTION allows employees to create their own user account that is electronically approved by a location manager.
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Company preferred to pay company benefit with purchasing card and employee co pays with personal credit card


EYEWEB SOLUTION includes multiple payment option allowing customers to pay with multiple payment methods.
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Each eyewear order needed to have a unique purchase order number.


EYEWEB SOLUTION and checkout module includes a Purchase Order payment method for each order.
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Software / Technology

Worldwide software company with more than 60,000 employees wanted to streamline billing by adding a General Ledger billing code for each order.


EYEWEB SOLUTION prompts employee for their billing code during checkout process.
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Industrial Services - Chemical

Company preferred to display catalog with Employee Co pays only.


EYEWEB SOLUTION is available with a custom catalog that can display co-pay prices only. Company is billed separately for company paid benefit.
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Food Packaging

Employees and their families were spending $200 - $500 for their dress eyewear.


EYEWEB SOLUTION allowed the company to enroll their employees and families in the discount eyewear program at
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Safety Distributors

Need a simplified, turn-key program to introduce to their corporate customers..


EYEWEB SOLUTION is available as a transparent solution for distributors that want to maintain their own consolidated billing and relationship with their customer
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Manufacturers and suppliers require flexible and dynamic roster management tools to manage frequent changes to employee base.


EYEWEB SOLUTION allows direct link to company ERP or automated roster synchronization with weekly file updates


Eyeweb is available for every shift at every location 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Eyeweb Features

Our Featured Services
with Safety Solution

Eyeweb is available for every shift at every location 24 hours a day, 7 days a week enabling you to provide a consistent, high level of service to all employees.

Our Features

  • Automated Roster Management
  • Available on any Internet-enabled device.
  • Service Transparency for all orders.
  • Local administrative access to add/terminate employees.
  • All benefit rules are centrally maintained.
  • Customizable frame catalog based on your unique needs.
  • Flexible reporting module and export capabilities.
Enterprise Solution

Protecting your Team with an Enterprise Solution

We Design Customized Safety Glasses Eyewear Program For Your Organization

Your existing program requirements are incorporated into our program. Now, you can control your organization's safety program through any internet-enabled device in the world.

A Corporate Safety Eyewear
Program with High Employee Satisfaction

If your new eyewear fails to meet your expectations, simply return your eyewear with the prepaid-postage label included in your shipment and we’ll make it right. All frames are eligible for a 1-year, 1-time replacement. With EyewebSafety, employees don’t have to work around an opticians schedule or the limited selection of an optical retailer.


Our Safety Eyewear Solutions

A single enterprise-wide solution for your organization with a proven, streamlined implementation plan. The value of EyewebSafety increases in directly proportion to the size and geographical reach of your organization – the BIGGER, the BETTER

Our corporate safety glasses program streamlines the ordering and purchasing process to ensure your team has the best safety glasses and goggles. Our program includes an exclusive yet seemingly endless variety of safety glasses and prescription safety glasses, all of which meet the industry safety standards. We understand the importance of protecting your employees' vision, and our safety eyewear program is tailored to meet the unique needs of your company.

Your employees have access to safety eyewear 24/7 from any Internet-enable device - ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD.

How It Works

How ItWorks


Using your webcam, mobile device or file upload, add a photo to your account for virtual frame try on and patented digital measurement process. Eliminate on-site opticians with our highly precise digital measurement techniques


Take a photo, upload, email, text or enter a current eyeglass prescription to your employee account.


Select eyewear from the online catalog then add a lens (and options) and checkout with direct billing and/or employee co-pays.

Get Customizable Prescription Safety Glasses Program

Eyeweb provides a branded portal for your organization along with support materials to educate your workforce.

Online Safety Eyewear Program

Most Widely Used Online Safety Eyewear Program
in the World

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