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The service industry is one of the three main components of the nation’s economy. Last year, the services sector, collectively produced 67% of the total GDP of the US. So it shows that the service sector is a large scale industry with its diverse nature of work. Almost every other industry needs some kind of services to run their business functions smoothly. For example, banks require special equipment to analyze the authenticity of the jewelry deposited by a customer. A welfare center needs personal safety equipment for its clients. So whichever service organization we look into, it needs third party services.

Likewise, in any other workplace, the service sector also poses some safety threats to workers. Even if these threats are not imminent, they can affect the employees’ health gradually. Like a person sitting at the front desk in a company may experience weak eyesight if not he/she does not use safety glasses. So eyewear safety is an important part of any service-provider employee.

Common health and safety issues about eyes in this sector include:

  • Weak eyesight due to excessive screen time
  • Eye damage due to harmful rays emitting from the light
  • Eyes hit by an object

Eyeweb Safety has manufactured industry-based eyewear safety products. We are serving each industry long before the internet age. Now the business is shifted towards a global corporate environment. So organizations need to handle their employees’ safety on a larger scale. Due to this requirement, we have launched RX safety eyewear program that is customized for the service industry.
Our prescription glasses are exclusively designed for people busy in providing services at the doorsteps of every company. It saves their eyes from any possible eye damage.

The other prominent features of this safety program are:

No-Risk FREE Trial Program:

We offer a free trial program before a formal agreement with the organization. This trial helps you perceiving our service quality. So experience our FREE Trial Program and then decide!

24/7 Virtual Control

  • 24/7 facility to manage the program through the web portal
  • Personalized catalog for each employee based on their requirements
  • Live Chat support
  • Diverse payment options like PayPal, Credit Card, or Payroll cut


  • Instant online registration
  • Your customized web portal
  • 7-10 days’ delivery time of eyewear products
  • Employee benefits
  • Administrator control over the web portal with no limitation
  • Email alert for each activity
  • Reward Points for each employee for extra purchase
  • Smooth performance for all locations of the organization
  • Multi-languages and currency options to adjust employees outside the US

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