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The recreation industry is a mega-industry with its diverse facilities. In this industry, we include amusement parks, sports stadiums, gymnasiums, theatres, cinemas, and other such facilities. Almost every third person in the world visits any recreational center regularly. People go there to make themselves amused and refreshed. So we observe new kinds of recreations each day.
Due to its diverse nature, people working in this industry face different types of threats. Some threats are minimal but outdoor recreational facilities may harm them badly.

Most common eye safety hazards in this industry are:

  • Falling from a sports/ recreational vehicle
  • Collision with a heavy object
  • Face struck with an object
  • Imbalance
  • Harmful rays from light-emitting objects

Through all of these hazards, employees can get hurt their eyes. They need protection as an element of their PPE facility.
Rather than leaving each employee at the mercy of the retailers in the market, the organization should choose a safety program for themselves as a part of their compensation package. It will bring a positive gesture to the employees. They will work more efficiently to enhance the company’s growth.

Eyeweb Safety is the safety eyewear provider with its motto that “One size does not fit for all”. It provides customized industry solutions based on ground threats in the industry. It means we will not give you the same eyewear product that we provide for the pharmaceutical industry. Our analysts review the industry safety standards and threats and recommend the OSHA compliance manufacturing process. Our licensed opticians review each article before shipping. This is how we make a unique safety product for each employee.
In our prescription safety eyewear corporate program, you will get some of these (but not limited to) benefits:

Features of the Program

  • FREE Trial Program before the contract
  • Instant online registration
  • Your customized web portal
  • 7-10 days’ delivery time of eyewear products
  • Employee benefits
  • Administrator control over the web portal with no limitation
  • Email alert for each activity
  • Reward Points for each employee for extra purchase
  • Smooth performance for all locations of the organization
  • Multi-languages and currency options to adjust employees outside the US

24/7 Access

  • 24/7 facility to manage the program through the web portal
  • Personalized catalog for each employee based on their requirements
  • Live Chat support
  • Diverse payment options like PayPal, Credit Card, or Payroll cut

So experience our FREE Trial Program and then decide!

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