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Safety Distribution is the core part of every industry in the world. Smart distributors supply every safety product from the manufacturing unit to the warehouse to the market. What if they cannot deliver the product within time due to some unsafe practice?

Common threats in the industry are:

  • Harmful Sunrays/ UV rays
  • Possible chemical/ electrical/ mechanical fault
  • Face and head collision
  • Struck by any machine

As per the US Department of Labor, most accidents happen in every industry due to unsafe practice and insufficient safety equipment. This fact makes this industry more significant for every other industry. Eyewear safety is critical in this industry as workers cannot afford any minor damage to the eyes. So distribution safety must be followed everywhere. In recent years, the nation has observed crisis like terrorism, pandemics, natural disasters, climate change disasters, and urban community issue. Therefore, the PPE industry has become an integral part of every industry.

Eyeweb Safety is serving all industries since before the age of the internet. Present in the market for so many years, we know the safety hazards your employees face on the ground. So we do not believe in offering fancy features that are good for a metro city but not for a hard worker serving in a tough workplace.

Feeling this diverse requirement for every industry, Eyeweb Safety has launched its industrial safety eyewear program. The program enables organizations to manage safety eyewear products for each of their employees.

Some of the prominent features of the program are:

Customized Features

  • FREE Trial Program before the contract
  • Instant online registration
  • Your customized web portal
  • 7-10 days’ delivery time of eyewear products
  • Employee benefits
  • Administrator control over the web portal with no limitation
  • Email alert for each activity
  • Reward Points for each employee for extra purchase
  • Smooth performance for all locations of the organization
  • Multi-languages and currency options to adjust employees outside the US

24/7 Virtual Control

  • 24/7 facility to manage the program through the web portal
  • Personalized catalog for each employee based on their requirements
  • Live Chat support
  • Diverse payment options like PayPal, Credit Card, or Payroll cut

So experience our FREE Trial Program and then decide!

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